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Re: Earth: Growth Is Ending, You Fucked Yourselves, Haha

> > It's funny how fucktards like mirimir think they can escape from their own fucktard selves.
> Sure, but who's being the fucktard troll here?

	troll? My remark is flawless. You think that political problems can be 'solved' by running away. There isn't any trolling on my part, just basic political philosophy that you can't grasp. So, you are a fucktard. ps: I wasnt expecting any answer from you. You should be ignoring me.

some anonymous, trolling, retard wrote : 
> Fascist this fascist that = boring. Then you got some dude wanting archive
> all this junk OMG

	thank you for further proving my point about fucktards, agent 'rooty'. 

third fucktard added :  
> Broken record. So much hate and ansgt... Like he's 14 and just got dumped.

	the hate charge is really priceless. It breaks all orwellian meters. As if hating hideous things was...wrong? LMAO! 

	Well I guess pieces of shit like jones love their little fascist world and epecially country. 

	now let's hear some more government propaganda about how americunt 'technoloy' will make the world 'free'  (or, I guess, 'space and the matrix')