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Re: Life, Death, and Encryption: An Introduction to the Pursuance Project

Hey, only $4606 to go (at 90.4%).

On 07/12/2018 12:53 PM, The Cryptosphere wrote:
> Just the messenger here. I've been doing some ad-hoc volunteering with
> Barrett Brown's Pursuance Project and their Kickstarter is 75% funded with
> three days to go. They can make this happen, but they need help. Press
> release below, blog post here:
> https://pursuanceproject.wordpress.com/2018/07/12/life-death-and-encryption-an-introduction-to-the-pursuance-project/
> and Kickstarter here:
> https://kickstarter.com/projects/85883596/barrett-browns-pursuance-project
> Is your life or liberty at risk, merely because you report the truth?
> Because you are in contact with those who seek to change the world, whose
> lives are also at risk? According to Human Rights Watch, the answer is yes,
> and sadly, the risk is not limited to distant dictatorships, but exists
> even in so-called “bastions of freedom” like Canada and the US. Earlier
> this week an American congressman introduced the “Unmasking ANTIFA Act”
> which would criminalize protests and speech against the government.
> That is why National Magazine Award-winning journalist and digital rights
> activist Barrett Brown has created The Pursuance Project, an ambitious
> suite of interconnected tools for creating, assigning, tracking, and
> (optionally) publicizing team efforts, all protected by military-grade
> end-to-end zero-knowledge encryption. Simply put, it offers virtual
> conference rooms, calls, video, text, project management, all in as safe a
> digital environment as humans can create. Pursuance staffers cannot see
> what goes on in your Pursuance unless you make them team members. Neither
> can any government, nor anyone you do not invite. Think of the protection
> SecureDrop offers journalists and sources, but with that kind of security
> extended to your team communications, emails, texts, and more.
> And it’s free.
> In order to cover the development costs, Pursuance has a Kickstarter,
> currently 75% funded and nearing completion this Sunday, July 15. With the
> last ten thousand in sight, and the limited-edition rewards flying out,
> we’re thrilled to announce that Pursuance founder Barrett Brown will be a
> speaker at the HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth)conference in New York July
> 20-22nd, and was a guest on this Wednesday’s OTH (Off The Hook) radio
> broadcast on WBAI-FM and podcast, both presented by the hacker “Emmanuel
> Goldstein” aka Eric Corley, known for founding 2600, The Hacker Quarterly
> back in 1984, and for his role in the film Hackers.
> “We’re not asking for money so we can solve a specific problem. We’re
> asking for money so we can enable people to solve all of them.”
> Barrett Brown
> Barrett is an infinitely-quotable raconteur who was once accused of being a
> “fameball” by Gawker. Pursuance technical lead Steve Phillips is also a
> good interview, and can take these complex concepts and translate them into
> simple and compelling English.
> “No activist should have to entrust their life to Facebook. No one should
> have to choose between security and the ability to organize large numbers
> of people. No one should have to use platforms designed to waste your time
> in the course of trying to make their lives count. When Pursuance launches,
> things will be different.”
> Barrett Brown
> The stakes are high. This is our world now: a world where your own DMs,
> PMs, texts, and even your face, can be the biggest threat to your freedom.
> Help us change that. Help us spread the word about Pursuance. Help us
> create a better future for activism, for action, for journalism, for
> privacy, and for basic human rights.
> Pursuance Project Contacts:
> Contact: team AT pursuanceproject.org / +47 407 67 074 For interviews with
> Barrett or his core team please contact Pursuance at
> onray AT pursuanceproject.org / Raymond Johansen +47 407 67 074
> The Pursuance  Board of Directors includes luminaries from the worlds of
> whistleblowing, digital privacy, documentary filmmaking, human rights
> activism, and more: Thomas Drake, Birgitta Jonsdottir, Mano Singham, Alex
> Winter, John Kiriakou, Robert Tynes, Jay Leiderman, Barry Eisler, Russ
> Baker, and Raymond Johansen.
> Lorraine Murphy