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Re: The Tor Files: Transparency for the Dark Web [Full Cache] with Surveillance Valley's Yasha Levine

On Wed, 11 Jul 2018 17:39:08 -0400
grarpamp <grarpamp AT gmail.com> wrote:

> https://twitter.com/Thomas_Drake1/status/970058544417529856

	wow. I missed that little gem. Copied it here just in case http://archive.is/gRE43

	"Never mistake mirror w/ shadow backdoors as a mirage. Tor has a lot to answer for as do other GovCo sponsored & supported IT services & apps on 7 layer DPI’d OSI. " 

	Did you post that bit on tors censored mailing list? And metzger's censored cesspool? 

	Anyway, great piece of info, thanks!

> Surveillance Valley - The Secret Military History of the Internet
> By Yasha Levine
> A reporter unearths the true history of the internet: it was built by
> the government to spy on citizens, at home and abroad.
> In Surveillance Valley, Yasha Levine traces the history of the
> internet back to its beginnings as a Vietnam-era tool for spying on
> guerrilla fighters and antiwar protesters–a military computer
> networking project that ultimately envisioned the creation of a global
> system of surveillance and prediction. Levine shows how the same
> military objectives that drove the development of early internet
> technology are still at the heart of Silicon Valley today. Spies,
> counterinsurgency campaigns, hippie entrepreneurs, privacy apps funded
> by the CIA. From the 1960s to the 2010s — this revelatory and sweeping
> story will make you reconsider what you know about the most powerful,
> ubiquitous tool ever created.