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Cryptocurrency: Message from John McAfee after Hospital on Cryptocurrency


I am clearly no longer in hospital.
I am home with my home health nurse and my wife.
There is no wore position for a man to be in.
However it has been clear that I am promoting
shilling pumping whatever word you wish to use, Docademic.
Why in the hell am I doing that for no money...

It is because the world is watching us.
They believe we are not real...
We're a bunch of bits and bytes wandering around the ethernet.
We are not. We are not. We have produced real world applications.
And because the world is watching, *we cannot fuck this up*.

Docademic, the first world health application that helps
the poor of every fucking country. If you can't get behind
that, then you need to get the hell out of crypto.
It's all we have now.
It's all we have to show for our work to the world at large.

For God's sake, show it.
Do something. Say something.
Shine that fucking light on the one gem we have produced.
Which has gone into parts of the world where they
don't even have computers.
But they all fucking...