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The Chilly Surveillance Data Mines of the Suppressors

Don't indoctrinate against and fuck over other people's rights









This is one of the major root of the issue problems in America.
Everyone else is accountable to the law. It seems to me that if 3
letter agencies wanted to do something that was unconstitutional, they
made sure to sneak in special "exceptions" that would excuse their
otherwise illegal activity.

No one is the wiser because most of the bills passed are created in
secret and passed and no one is able to read them. I asked my father
why major bills get passed this way and he told me "it's always been
this way, and it's the only way they are able to pass the bills"

I don't know if this is true, but back to my point. 3 letter agencies
have it in writing in bills somewhere that they can do what would
otherwise be considered highly controversial and unconstitutional.
These snuck in exceptions go unnoticed... Until they aren't. Like the
part of a bill that allows a United States citizen to be detained
indefinitely, without a lawyer, and without even a charge being
brought against him.

Obama signed that bill into law and said "while I am in office I will
never do that to a citizen of the United States", but then signed the
bill and now that is LAW. We have a new president now And we will have
another after that one. That law still stands. America is slowly..
insidiously ever slowly having everything it used to be( a beacon of
freedom, of justice, of conscious and helping those in need.) We have
become something different.

The mass of the American population are too busy working their 9-5 day
jobs to try to get a understanding of what is going on in American
politics right now. It's a full time job trying to make good decisions
for the people of America and we have elected officials that are
supposed to be doing that, but it has become NORMAL for politicians to
make decisions based on what lobbyists from corporations tell them is
best for the people.

No one is lobbying for the people. And the people are still stuck in
the belief that politicians for the most part doing right by them.
It's not happening and the ones that are still good and fighting for
the people are fighting an uphill battle. They are struggling and a
minority and are underappreciated.

No one wants to pay attention to complicated aspects of politics.
Thats what our tax dollars pay for. They pay the salary of our
representatives, but who do they really work for when their donations
from lobbyists vastly outweighs what we pay them? It's a chore for me
to even have to pay as much attention as I do, but even I can see the
painting on the wall. Shits not good right now in America and I don't
think even a 1/4th the politicians/city councilmen etc have a honest
drive to help keep America great and fight and take a stand against
corruption. I don't have all the answers. I'm just some idealist
shmuck that wishes he did and that I could make a blemish against the
rolling tide of corruption over taking America. The problem is just
too big. It's just too god damned big.

- We're all fucked. Get out while you still can people because our
society is circling the drain here since 2001 or so.

+ Get out and go where though?