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The Tor Files: Transparency for the Dark Web [Full Cache] with Surveillance Valley's Yasha Levine


Yasha Levine speaks about internet surveillance and influence ops


Surveillance Valley - The Secret Military History of the Internet
By Yasha Levine

A reporter unearths the true history of the internet: it was built by
the government to spy on citizens, at home and abroad.

In Surveillance Valley, Yasha Levine traces the history of the
internet back to its beginnings as a Vietnam-era tool for spying on
guerrilla fighters and antiwar protesters–a military computer
networking project that ultimately envisioned the creation of a global
system of surveillance and prediction. Levine shows how the same
military objectives that drove the development of early internet
technology are still at the heart of Silicon Valley today. Spies,
counterinsurgency campaigns, hippie entrepreneurs, privacy apps funded
by the CIA. From the 1960s to the 2010s — this revelatory and sweeping
story will make you reconsider what you know about the most powerful,
ubiquitous tool ever created.