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Re: Govt economic advisor warns British defence planners that growth is ending... and it's not just the U.K.

On Fri, 6 Jul 2018 10:47:56 -0700
Steven Schear <schear.steve AT gmail.com> wrote:

> As automation displaces the great majority of workers, labor (not
> industrial) productivity will zoom past zero.
> As for energy, battery, and other temporary energy storage, will surely
> improve though increases in density could become a major saftey factor as
> they equal or exceed liquid fuel (perhaps even high explosives).

	nice so when the 3 corporations that own the world ban all sorts of chemistry (they are well on their way to doing so), batteries could be used as ready made bombs.

	though I expect people to be fully microchiped and lobotomized as well, so maybe that plant won't work either.