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Re: Cryptocurrency: Rise of Bitcoin Cash BCH

On Mon, 2 Jul 2018 17:59:30 -0400
grarpamp <grarpamp AT gmail.com> wrote:

> >         lolwut - that's trolling, right? =)
> The beauty of cryptocurrency is that it's new, not some tired
> old govenment fiat money

	yeah well - not even the most fucked up government wants to wipe out savers every two years. Here in argentina that happens every 10 years or so, and only if you are using banks. 

	I'm not sure how robbing everybody blind is a 'new experiment' by the way.

> same game since thousands of years.
> So all manner of new models can now be tried, new expectations,
> thought, training, usage parameters, flag days, morphing, etc...
> so many possibilities... eventually a handful reaching adoption.

	oh of course that principle is fine.

> Cryptocurrency isn't trolling... it's time.

	yeah - and you better come up with something which is at least as untraceable as government cash. Otherwise, we'll have to conclude that yes, this is cryptocurrency's time because crypto will allow highly increseased levels  of totalitarianism in line with current, highly  totalitarian trends.