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Re: Satoshi Nakamoto: Thoughts on excerpt from Duality?

> http://nakamotofamilyfoundation.org/duality.pdf

As all before to date... no proof... yet what does it matter,
and is not history a footnote to futures already present,
and are not tales woven within reality interesting, plausibly
true in their own right, even philosophically leaned upon.
Arthurian Cycles, MesoAmerican Rituals, Ancient Societies...

Honne and Tatemae: We Are All Cypherpunk...

More interesting is that to truly understand adopt and use Cryptocurrency,
one must seek understand adopt Cypherpunk and surrounding philosophies.
Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are now seeking understanding,
of their own free will, as it involves an area of direct primary
executive interest in
daily life... money... not abstract vagaries of crypto / privacy /
anonymity / anarchism.
This seeking is a monumental first, it is pull, not push...
Cryptocurrency is the fabled
killer app of Cypherpunk. Its impact upon the future cannot be underestimated.