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Because Reasons: Pirate Radio SDR and Anonymity


Transmission equipment has only become cheaper and more sophisticated.
"the technology has gone beyond what the law has been able to do,"
Between 87.9 and 92.1 FM, Goren counted eleven illegal stations, whose
hosts mainly spoke Creole or accented English. Pirates, he said,
"offer a kind of programming that their audiences depend on. Spiritual
sustenance, news, immigration information, music created at home or in
the new home, here."


All that's required to create an account and post on any of Reddit's
1.2 million forums is an email address, a username, and a password.
You don't need to tell the company your birthday, your gender, or even
your real name. As Huffman put it on Thursday at the Aspen Ideas
Festival, which is co-hosted by the Aspen Institute and The Atlantic,
"Reddit doesn't want the burden of personal information ... and is not
selling personal information."
Huffman argued that anonymity on Reddit actually makes using the site
"more like a conversation one has in real life" than other exchanges
on the internet. "When people detach from their real-world identities,
they can be more authentic, more true to themselves," he claimed.