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Joshua "Gas the Kikes Race War Now" Yabut, aka movrcx, Takes Military Motor Vehicle for a Quick Stroll

>Just before 8pm on Tuesday, June 5, Joshua Yabut, a 29-year-old 1st
Lieutenant in the Virginia National Guard, drove off the Guard's Fort
Pickett training center in Blackstone, Virginia in an M577 command post

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>He also posted video from inside the M577 while it was moving. It's not
clear if he's driving.

>Yabut drove the tracked vehicle east on US Route 460 and then north on
Interstate 95, followed by a swarm of Virginia State Police vehicles,
reaching the M557's top-end speed of 40mph. He finally stopped the
vehicle in the Fan district of Richmond, blocked in by police cars, and
was apprehended at 9:40pm.

>The M577 is a variant of the M113 armored personnel carrier (APC), in
use by the US Army since the 1960s, and exported widely to foreign

>As a Virginia National Guard spokesperson noted in a statement emailed
to Ars, the M577 "is not equipped with any weaponry and is NOT a tank."
The personnel carrier was returned to Fort Pickett with "no significant
damage." Yabut, who has more than 11 years of service and deployed to
Afghanistan from 2008 to 2009 with the Illinois National Guard, was
arrested and charged with driving under the influence of drugs, one
felony count of eluding police, and one felony count of unauthorized use
of a vehicle.

>Yabut, who is (or perhaps, was) commander of the Petersburg-based
Headquarters Company, 276th Engineer Battalion, was apparently involved
in "routine training" at Fort Pickett when he decided to deviate from
the operational plan. While the M577 was not armed, Yabut carried his
own personal weapon—but no ammunition.

>"We are extremely grateful that there were no injuries as a result of
this incident, and we appreciate the great work of the Virginia State
Police, Richmond Police Department and other law enforcement and first
responders who safely brought this situation to a close," said Maj. Gen.
Timothy Cuck Williams, the adjutant general of Virginia. "We have
initiated our own internal investigation, and we will determine
appropriate actions once the investigation is complete."

>Yabut also has some involvement with information security.  In 2016, he
"stumbled upon" a zero-day vulnerability in the Tor browser. And he
recently staged an attempt to run for Virginia's Senate, trying to get
himself on the ballot for the Republican primary. This ride may have
been somehow connected to that, as in a Twitter post he made yesterday
included a screenshot of a map of the area around Virginia's capitol
building and of the jewpedia entry for the M113.

>In a bond hearing by video conference today, Yabut told a judge that
the National Guard was his only source of income. He was denied bond.