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Seasteading: A Crypto Future Beyond the State of Roads

> roads

Tolls and toll pigs likely to be found extremely annoying
and inefficient layers thus prohibitively detrimental to travel
and commerce. More likely are destinations co op building
free roads thus inviting others to them.

> 'anarchists' haven't claimed to own the
>         SEA and the SkY, at least YET.

While the sky is a hard yet tasty pie to dream.
And the seas already ringed by statist economic cannonry
out to 200nm... beyond such distance lies good
potential for both floaters and perhaps even concrete
pilings. Solar and wave powered mining, acres of
soil on deck, hydroponics and hatcheries below, nuke
plants in the stern instead of landlubbers backyards.
Such options crypto adoption will bring ;)

Even Mars and the Moons...