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Re: Adam Kokesh vs Larken Rose: Using Political Process To End Politics?

	lawl, look at this picture 


 	that's 'ex' US military, child murderer kokesh doing the
 	military salute? Is he out of his fucking mind. 

	it's nice to see kokesh being trashed by rose - kokesh is a
	 lying fraud. His mental vomit about 'american independence'
	 sums him up.

        also this is priceless : 
	kokesh " we are engineering the libertarian takeover of the
	libertarian party" 

        see? kokesh is the true libertarian savior...and the
        libertarian party is....not libertarian? Wait what? Hasn't
        the libertarian party being created by other fucktards
        exactly like him, including a bunch of unprincipled
        retarded 'anarchist'? 
	YES! look at this : 


	" compromise between the larger minarchist and smaller
	anarcho-capitalist factions by adopting a platform that
	explicitly did not say whether it was desirable for the state
	to exist" 

	now, the second interesting thing is how *conservative* ron
	paul gets his dick sucked, even by rose. 

        ron paul is wholly misrepresented by 'anarchist' berwick.
        According to berwick paul never voted any 'laws' against the so
        called 'non aggression principle'  - which is a fuckingly
        stupid lie. 

	here's wrong paul  anti-libertarian record on immigration 

	and that's just ONE example of wrong paul anti-libertarian
	views. Another one is that it just so happens that  wrong paul
	is a STATIST who SUPPORTS TAXATION, also knon as THEFT. And
	he's a fucking 'constitutionalist' retard. And so on and so
	last but not least the americunt 'libertarian' 'movement' is a
	sorry failure but a very succesful instance of involuntary