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Re: alex jones

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From: Steve Kinney <admin AT pilobilus.net>
Date: 3/11/18 3:04 PM (GMT-08:00)
To: cypherpunks AT lists.cpunks.org
Subject: Re: alex jones

On 03/09/2018 09:38 PM, juan wrote:
> I never paid much attention to the guy - he seemed mostly a fake
> libertarian clown (americunt nationalist,  jew-christian
> nutcase) but lately I caught a couple of interesting bits from
> him.


> it seems that jones' job is to turn reality into a nutcase
> 'conspiracy theory'.

That's my conclusion as well.  I think it was Robert Heinlein who said
that the most artistic way to lie is to tell the truth, maybe even the
whole truth, so unconvincingly that everyone is sure you're lying.
Whenever I catch Alex Jones "telling the truth" it turns out to be an
exercise in the said art form.

A professionally fabricated quasi-religiuos Conspiracy Belief System has
displaced the FAR more sane and respectable homegrown Conspiracy Theory
market it emulates, with our little droogie Alex leading the way.

Alex and his ilk work hard to persuade /most/ of the public that
dissident opinions and information contradicting corporate a.k.a.
'mainstream' propaganda narratives are insane opinions based on ignorant
lies.  Those who do buy into the narrative become de facto sock puppets
who can be counted on to catapult the propaganda via social media
networks, and to smear the stinking shit-stain of "lunatick beliefs" all
over any dissident social or political activity their Dear Leader
directs them to participate in.

> What's really going on is that indeed the
> oligarchy wants to become 'immortal' and possibly get rid of
> 90.99999% of the human race. But if that very real possibility
> is discussed by a nutcase like jones babbling about 'aliens' and
> 'pedophiles' and '12 dimensions' 'interdimensional stuff' etc
> then the very real threat of a world government with the
> ability to track all the microchiped, tax cattle in realtime
> becomes the 'stuff' that ignorant morons who watch alex jones
> believe.
> in short,  motherfucking retard alex jones is just  controlled
> opposition.

Mostly I think our ruling class just wants to finish looting everyone
else's assets.  I don't think that the most destructive aspects of this
process represent a plan to exterminate the human species, but rather, a
consequence of the ignorance, greed, and perverse incentives inherent in
corporate capitalism.

An equal and in some respects opposite species of propaganda narrative
targets the ruling class and its more senior servants assets, with the
message that Super Science can and will solve /any/ material problem at
any scale, laws of physics be damned, as soon as it becomes necessary to
do so.  I have known some "smart" people who earnestly believe this
nonsense, while dismissing the somewhat /less/ ignorant and irrational
beliefs fabricated for consumption by the more ignorant among the



See the screenshot. Google Algorithms LUVs them an Alex Jones


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