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Re: [WAR] rocket porn, Putin style, and the end of the modern empire regime

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From: John Young <jya AT pipeline.com>
Date: 3/3/18 2:39 AM (GMT-08:00)
To: Cypherpunks <cypherpunks AT lists.cpunks.org>
Subject: Re: [WAR] rocket porn, Putin style, and the end of the modern   empire regime

Louder the brag weaker the braggart.

At 07:17 PM 3/2/2018, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
>Given the FUKUS (France, UK, US) / NATO axis general's' general
>assessment of Russia's growing military capabilities and capacity as
>"eye watering" back in 2015 and earlier
>   http://foreignpolicy.com/2015/10/21/russia-winning-the-electronic-war/
>, one wonders what their viewpoint is after yesterday.
>It is certainly a happy day today as we witness a nation not only
>capable of, but willing and effectively undertaking to stand firm
>against the evil, despotism and shameless murdering regime of the
>How sad it is that these words can actually be spoken - truthfully,
>in fact, and without sarcasm, but such it is.
>Good luck all,
>Putin's Remarkable, Historic March 1 Speech in Moscow -
>Video Excerpts, Full Transcript
>Epic Putin: We Warned You, You Wouldn't Listen - 'Listen to Us Now!'
>We've excerpted the parts of the speech where he describes each
>weapon, and will be posting them here. The other weapons are:
>     Putin Stunner #1: Invincible Nuke-Powered and Armed Underwater
>Drones MANY TIMES Faster Than Any Ship (Video)
>     Putin Stunner #2: 'The Avangard' - Invincible Nuke-Tipped Cruise
>Missile at 20X! Speed of Sound (Video)
>     Putin Stunner #3: 'The Dagger' - Invincible Plane-Launched Nuke
>Missile at 10X Speed of Sound (Video)
>     Putin Stunner #4: Mini, Nuke-Powered Engine for Invincible,
>UNLIMITED RANGE Guided Nuke Missiles (Video)
>     Putin Stunner #5: 'Sarmat' - Next Gen, Invincible, Unlimited
>Range Nuke Missile (Video)
>And Putin's explanation of why Russia developed all these weapons:
>     Epic Putin: We Warned You, You Wouldn't Listen - 'Listen to Us
>Now!' (Video)
>Transcript below:

Vox: "A mysterious radiation cloud spread over Europe in September. Russia finally acknowledged it.

But officials won’t say where it came from."


 Perhaps a test fire of nuclear-powered missile they recently declassified in Putin's speech.