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Re: My sex life is personal, private, and confidential

On Feb 23, 2018 23:30, "Steve Kinney" <admin AT pilobilus.net> wrote:

Besides which, a recipe only goes so far.  If the cook ain't in touch
with the ingredients and capable of improvising, the result is gonna
taste like it came out of a can or a cardboard tray.

Steve, my love, I know you're almost a chef and instinctively cooks very, very well.  You're intelligent, fun, and creative, even with few ingredients.  It's always pretty cool to get your recipes and feedbacks!  :D

A little cardboardy joke to make you smile, seeetie...  <3

"I went into a vegan restaurant as I was told the menu was quite tasty. 
Well to be fair, it was a bit cardboardy, but it was still better than any of the shit that was on it."