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Computers are designed that in-order to secure them you need a multi-million dollar budget

Computers are designed that in-order to secure them you need a multi-million dollar budget. Think I said this before. The only entities with the economy of scale to accomplish this are wealthy governments and multinational corporations.

Obviously in terms of relative security:

KVM / Virtualbox
OpenVZ / Jails
BSD-type OSes
Windows 10
Linux-type OSes
Windows NT
Windows on DOS

You live in a world where after the Morris worm, everyone thought they should move data onto computers.

The NSA doesn't have wiretap everything, they just have to hack the hackers who hack and amass all sorts of data.

It's hard to avoid coming to certain conclusions when the entire civil liberty movement so mismanaged their efforts that in response to Snowden the only thing that happened is that our phone companies are required to store metadata instead the of the NSA (although I'm sure the NSA keeps a backup). I don't know why the government acted as if Snowden was a disaster. The government managed the response to Snowden so well that it becomes hard to conclude that top secret information is the world ender that it is claimed to be. Hillary Clinton claims that top secret information is actually news articles or something.

I'd expect the ACLU to have some friendly reporters to speak on their behalf.

Or to be able to assemble what Ryan Shapiro is accused of, a mosaic.

It is a real mystery. I just... can't... fathom... so... difficult... 

I'd never imagine the ACLU would say that due process should be withheld in a single case.

Big mystery.

I don't see the big deal about this Russia investigation, as far as I can see, people can be literally told tomorrow's winning lotto numbers, and they would refuse to buy a ticket because they don't like the information. People are investing huge amount of time and energy to projects which don't accomplish anything. This device is libre! "What does that solve?" It is libre! "What does it do?" The same things, but not as many of them.

Just to be clear, the major issues of the day are (in my favored order):
1. Zero-day stockpiles. (cyber munitions shouldn't be used against enemies of the state, but to protect citizens)
2. Mass surveillance.
3. Public-private sector collusion.

The issues that GPL solves are:
1. I'm not contributing this code for free so others can profit off of it.

The issues that Tor solves are:
1. Preventing people without top secret clearances from finding out what you're doing.

The issues that non-profits solves are:
1. Reducing tax payment by twenty cents for every dollar spent.

You people are so incredibly misinformed and insistent on incorrect information, it is unbelievable. It is hard to conclude anything but that everyone is on a make-work project to look like they are doing a good job, but everything stays the same.

There is no need for disinformation, for some reasons the Russians too are terrified of reality.

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