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First off,  the only reason I even saw this is because John replied to this pinhead.

To wit, the pinhead wrote:

> Walk down the street.  You will notice that black Americans generally have smaller heads, reflecting smaller brains..

You'd have to be a moron ... ie. Pinhead, to actually believe that. My large jewish nose (sic) can smell the stench of this human shitpile all the way across cyberspace.


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Date: 2/15/18 8:27 PM (GMT-08:00)
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> On Feb 12, 2018, at 4:00 PM, jamesd AT echeque.com wrote:
>> On 11/02/2018 11:21, John Newman wrote:
>> Are you being purposely disingenuous? There were obviously also raiding parties and
>> the sale of “prisoners of war” between and within different black Africans themselves,
> Dramatic, but atypical.
> Enslavement on the basis of war was generally result of pacification campaigns, rather than "slave raids" - kings enslaved those who were persistently causing them trouble, with the objective of deterring troublemakers and getting rid of them.  As, for example, the Irish.
> And most enslavement was not on the basis of war.  It was more typically for petty theft, particularly stealing from one's employer, and vagrancy.  (Not having visible means of support.)
>> divisions exploited by European slavers anxious to fill the gaping maw hungry for free
>> labor to subsidize the colonization and exploitation of the “new world”.
> Slavery was driven by supply, rather than demand.  It was a way of dealing with problem people.  And Africa had, and still has, more problem people.

You are so full of shit. Conversation with scum like yourself is utterly pointless.
Slavery was driven by a SLAVE ECONOMY, which was obviously driven by demand.
Do you actually believe the bullshit you spout?

> Walk down the street.  You will notice that black Americans generally have smaller heads, reflecting smaller brains.  Thus require more supervision, and are less apt to voluntarily accept supervision.
> People who need supervision, and are disinclined to accept it, cause problems.  Slavery was a way of dealing with those problems.