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On 02/13/2018 02:11 AM, Maui Wowie wrote:
> 'Coolest Monkey in the Jungle', amirite ?
> [pic related]
> Lol but for real tho.
> The artist did a matte painting in photoshop, using the fucking clone
> stamp tool, to forever portray the first Halfrican President of the
> United States.
> Mr. Obama should have this shit repainted by an actual artist, not some
> third-year art school student.
> The "painting" is so bad that wikipedia is censoring it, and four other
> presidential portraits, citing 'Public Domain Issues'.
> Second [pic related] proves they are full of shit.

The first time I saw that "poor trait" pun it was applied to a picture
of Sylvester P. Smyth, Cracked Magazine's "poor man's Alfred E. Newman."

I myself did make the satirical image attached to this here message,
really just an amplification of found art.  Also available via the World
Wide Web at


And don't miss:


My favorite, a True Story™:


Obamanation, Abomination, where's the big fat hairy difference?
Tweedledum and Tweedledee /agreed/ to have a battle, and by the time
they were done arming and armoring themselves it was too late and their
mother called them in for dinner.  (Srsly, look it up.)

When "Democracy" rears its crypto-fascist head, expect epic political
theater and classic political satire to be just as relevant now as ever.


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