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On Mon, 12 Feb 2018 21:00:56 +0800
jamesd AT echeque.com wrote:

> > They had to keep that slave market (the “Meal Market”) on Wall
> > Street going some how.
> Rather, the problem was, what do you do with people who are
> disinclined to work for a living?
> You can put them on welfare, you can put up with intolerable amounts
> of petty crime, or you can force them to work.

	as always you keep ignoring the facts. The real thieves, who
	operate on a global, industrial scale are white joo-kristian
	scum like you. So it's no surprise that you keep making up
	these stories about 'darkies' being 'petty thieves', to cover
	your own real, huge acts of robbery.