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Re: "Documenting Hate" Project

>>> On 02/28/2017 12:13 AM, [hate filled fuck with a shriveled little black heart] wrote:

This observation made me smile, my love.  Thanks, Mirimir.  Some day,
hope Donald notices I am not searching for hate, but for hope.  I
still dream of a better world.  :)

Nobody knows how many hate crimes and bias incidents take place each
year in the USA.  They asked help to track them.

The 'Documenting Hate' Project wants transparency about relevant data
that is *not* known because most of the times are ignored or receive
more make-up than all Hollywood actresses in Oscar's night.  If you
really think that happened a hate crime against a "straight white
man", OK, report it and justify the reasons of your convincement.  The
same to attacks to all the colors, races, ethnicities, genders,
religions, trans status, disabilities, and sexual orientations.  It
isn't about Trump and politics, it's about peace, about life, about
Justice and a fairer, more transparent world, where this kind of
hateful action is *not* tolerated or ignored.