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Re: Repost - Open Technology Fund's Classified Audit

On Sun, Feb 26, 2017 at 11:48 PM, Rachael Tackett <ractack AT mail.com> wrote:
> Open Technology Fund (OTF) is the US government program, which pretends not
> to be a government program. OTF has financed projects such as Tor Project,
> Signal, SubgraphOS, etc. Several years ago, the State Dept.'s Inspector
> General's Office investigated and found out that Open Technology Fund was
> breaking a bunch of federal laws on grant funding.
> Congress ordered the GAO (Government Accountability Office) to conduct an
> audit of OTF. So, the GAO says they have an audit, but they cannot release
> it to me because it might be classified by the Department of State. So, I
> file a public records request, and the GAO gives me some bogus excuse about
> "congressional records". So, I call the House and Senate Foreign Relations
> Committees, and no one ever calls me back.
> Open code, with secret contracts and now a secret audit!

You need the title of the document, and what entity wrote it.
Then google that.
Take it to foia / muckrock / mandatory declassification review.
If it's congressional research service or some other congress
crap, bark at your congress reps.

Here's another audit paid for by them...