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Re: "Nils Bildt, " ... a candidate for deportation, but he's White so he's AltRight!

On February 26, 2017 9:03:25 PM EST, Razer <g2s AT riseup.net> wrote:
>Nils Bildt, the "Swedish Terrorism Expert" FauxNews used in their
>reporting on Violent Muslim Immigrants in Sweden, whom no one in Sweden
>has ever heard of, is really an "immigrant convicted of violent assault
>in the US..."
>Also in the "Bad propaganda, Bad!" department:
>BBC News reports that the White Helmets Oscars entry is 'a British
>like so much other Syria propaganda. Meanwhile the videographer isn't
>being allowed to enter to US or leave Syria, according to whose reports
>you believe, but the videographer himself stated he was being prevented
>from ENTERING the US. Reason un-stated, but note that the "White
>are al-Qaeda's SAR team funded by USAID (a backchannel for the CIA) who
>film Gore/War Porn as they go, to discredit the Assad government of
>Verified. US denying entry on paperwork grounds. Tsk tsk ... his
>USAID/CIA/GCHQ connections couldn't help him out.

Interesting article on the "White Helmets" (lots of stuff out there):


At least it didn't win the Oscar! Or did it? Who gives a fuck.