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Open Technology Fund's Classified Audit

Open Technology Fund (OTF) is the US government program, which pretends not to be a government program. OTF has financed projects such as Tor Project, Signal, SubgraphOS, etc. Several years ago, the State Dept.'s Inspector General's Office investigated and found out that Open Technology Fund was breaking a bunch of federal laws on grant funding.
Congress ordered the GAO (Government Accountability Office) to conduct an audit of OTF. So, the GAO says they have an audit, but they cannot release it to me because it might be classified by the Department of State. So, I file a public records request, and the GAO gives me some bogus excuse about "congressional records". So, I call the House and Senate Foreign Relations Committees, and no one ever calls me back.
Open code, with secret contracts and now a secret audit!
Previous Inspector General's audit from 2015 (note this is not the classified one) https://oig.state.gov/system/files/aud-fm-ib-15-24.pdf