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Re: SHA1 collision found

On Sat, Feb 25, 2017 at 05:06:40PM -0500, Steve Kinney wrote:
> Or in other words, just 110 GPUs can find the same collision in a
> year; 40,000 can do it in a day.  When one's threat model includes
> State and Corporate actors, that's not so good.

Are you sure about this claim? The wording on shattered.io doesn't
suggest so and the google blog writes "the second phase took 110 GPU
years". As I read it, this is the second phase and the first phase is
necessary too.

Probably the Bitcoin network will break it very efficiently if it were
general purpose computing. In 2013 Bitcoin scored 10^18 ~ 2^60 FLOPS and
IIRC todays figures are significantly higher. The SHA1 attack did 2^63
SHA1 sums according to the announcements.