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Re: The "60 Year War"

On 02/25/2017 07:49 PM, jim bell wrote:

From: Razer <g2s AT riseup.net>
>"For 60 years Robots have been systematically destroying us in
clandestine economy based war started when Eniac was turned on"


And musicians have been singing about the battle for decades.
'Machines' by Lothar and the Hand People

Saw them play the back room (aka the Fat Black Pussycat) at the Feenjon Cafe' on MacDougal Street sometime in the winter of 1969... Later the next year I helped occupy the Courant Physics Institute at NYU just a few blocks away during the rebellion and student strike following the US invasion of Cambodia and Laos <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Student_strike_of_1970>. We held an Arpa/DarpaNet midi machine hostage for two days and the discussions between those Transcendental Students (WU) revolved around whether we should take a fire axe to it... The consensus was, literally. "Piss on it" (probably did tens of thousands in damage) and fubar the airhandling system to try to overheat it to death. In retrospect, we should have beheaded it... Just on general principle...

No one got popped. As the Tac Squad barged the building we all blended in with the mobs of students in the halls, and out the door we went. And a riotous good time was had by all!


'Mr. Roboto' by Styx.

Any more I've missed?

              Jim Bell