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Garmin Engineer Shot And Killed By Man Yelling 'Get Out Of My Country!'

If he had been brown, and yelling "Allu Akbar" it would be all over the
news and Donald Trump would be locking down the borders. Maybe we need
them locked down. To keep our nutjob racist gunnuts in.

A white guy was wounded attempting to assist the two victims from INDIA.
There's a fundraiser online to help his medical expenses:

> Garmin engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla was shot and killed at a local
> bar in Olathe, Kansas, the U.S. headquarters of Garmin. Co-worker Alok
> Madasani was also injured along with bystander Ian Grillot, who
> attempted to help the men. "The suspect in the shooting, Adam
> Purinton, was drinking at the bar in Olathe, Kansas, at about 7:15
> p.m. that night," reports The Verge. "A witness said he yelled 'get
> out of my country' to two of the victims, reportedly saying the men,
> believed to originally be from India, were 'Middle Eastern.'" In 2015,
> Garmin employed 2,700 workers in Olathe and has plans to double this
> number, which the article notes has led to "increasing diversity" in
> the community.