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Re: Google are f'ing hypocrites

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On 02/25/2017 09:54 AM, Razer wrote:

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> PS. When and if they 'de-monetize Alex Jones', he'd just crawl back
> in his hole. The only reason he exists is to market on people's
> pandered fears.

I think Uncle Alex serves a larger purpose as well:  Any controversial
topic he picks up gets sprayed with Jones-brand bullshit and force-fit
into the context of a delusional global conspiracy narrative.  With
sponsors like Alex, an under-reported story - delusional evidence
based - doesn't need enemies.  I call this "staining" - making a story
sound literally insane to assure that only the most credulous True
Believers will take it seriously.

I am confident that at least some propagandists employed by major
media outlets agree with this assessment; otherwise, why does Uncle
Alex get so many free promotional placements on national TV networks?

But wait, there's more:  Not only does Alex know what is /really/
wrong with the world, he knows how to fix the world, and consistently
instructs his audience to follow a two step plan.

1)  Expose the Conspiracy by promoting the Alex Jones message.

2)  Arm yourself and prepare to kill the Evil People.

That's it.  Since all the world's problems were deliberately created
by a global Conspiracy to both enslave and exterminate everyone else,
killing the Conspirators and their puppets in political office will
automatically solve all the world's problems.  Don't laugh - the
Sturmabteilung and other terrorist militias have been recruited by the
same basic pitch.

Does this make Uncle Alex look like a dedicated, hard working servant
of a radical fringe right-wing "conspiracy" a.k.a. political faction
among our ruling class?  Does Donald Trump's promise to make Alex
Jones proud of him appear to tend to confirm this assessment?  Nah,
that's just crazy talk.


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