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Re: 10 judges are nuts.

On 2/24/17, James A. Donald <jamesd AT echeque.com> wrote:
> Traditional muskets are big, clumsy, and kick like a horse, but they
> blow great big holes in people.

Bigger holes, more assured death.

> Remember, they rendered armor irrelevant

Armor piercing is relavant.

> It is the famous AK-47 that is relatively quiet and low power.

Energy delivered upon terminus is a worthwhile calculation.

> Assault
> weapons are so called because they are designed to be fired while
> running around, like a handgun.

No. Assault weapons are fully automatic. Handguns and other
semi-auts are not. You can 'run around' with whatever the
fuck you want and are good at. Ammo is life, don't waste it.

> Assault weapons designed to be fired while kneeling in a trench

Yes, due to physical suport for accuracy present in trenches
needed for full-auto assault.

> they were designed to be fired while running towards your enemies

Yes since spray and pray is exactly what you get and
can expect in that case.

> In consequence an assault rifle makes an excellent hunting weapon for a
> seven year old girl

False. On hunt, only single shot does. Semi is even quite hard
to moving target.

> but adult males generally prefer considerably more
> powerful guns for hunting, unless they are varmint shooting.

Muzzle and terminal energy has absolutely nothing to do with
whether full-auto assualt or semi-auto.

> A small child using an assault rifle to hunt usually shoots while
> kneeling or lying down, and resting the front of the rifle on something,
> because the weight and recoil makes it difficult for a small child to
> aim while walking around.

You do not ever give your a child full-auto assault to hunt or
target with, you fool. That is a much later and more irrelavant
training in life. And barrel rise is only upon off-axis distance
from force accelleration. And weight is just weight.

You clearly not studied and operated various wepons.
Go do that. Learn, respect, appreciate, enjoy, value, share.
Then your report will be more correct.
And for sakes, follow your laws, or act to change them first.