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[WAR] Deep state planning a coup against Trump

Now the "conspiracy theory" that the deep state is planning a coup
in the USA against Trump (courtesy the usual MOTU ultra-oligarchs)
may be just that, and plenty of folks would be cheering the result.

But there would be those who would rue the day and say "oh well,
Trump must have been against the 'establishment', that's really
too bad they got the better of him".

But of course, then would be too late to do anything about that...

Good luck fellow humans,

NaturalNews.com <http://ce-public.naturalnews.com/ct.asp?id=7B0B502B4C887916E993BE5D9116A60A8AB1A135055D705E45D4CAD2ADAD7E0EE790B108038240FA85F62A33A462F6449C3B8F1D66D8A547E032FBA607D7CE3C&ct=4aeUsxoAAABCWmgzMUFZJlNZVc0xfwAABJmAAAGAECpH3oAgADFDTTAAUyaAbKeoFEAjLDZgz5B1p7Jj8XckU4UJBVzTF%2fA%3d>

Alert: Health Ranger being taken out by Google and the CIA
Mike Adams 	

The assault is on... I am being silenced by Google because of the content of
my speech, and as you'll hear in today's emergency interview with Dave Hodges,
he believes there are *CIA elements at work* to take out anyone who threatens
the deep state status quo.

Today I've posted an emergency broadcast interview with Hodges, which reveals
the shocking details of why and how the deep state is silencing the most
prominent pro-Trump voices as *a prelude to an overthrow attempt that will be
staged against Trump*.

"Civil war" doesn't even begin to describe what's actually happening. It's a
*criminal coup* being waged in cooperation with the pro-fascist corporations
like Google which are now running the censorship of speech to silence
"unwanted" voices.

*Read the full article, and share everywhere <http://ce-public.naturalnews.com/ct.asp?id=181014A8328495CA3257B03AF086BC13964DE646F29BE0D340395B029731D3E3EF2786A12823F9D217C7BF71B30274D66DCAF19CD002D3919D0C2ED93C9A71FC&ct=4aeUs48AAABCWmgzMUFZJlNZ7m6mTwAAJRmAAAP4kD7%2f3%2bAgAGhFN6kDTT1DTT1PUZD1Cp5Dapiepp6mkNMGmF5n2pRW50mYU3gVfBBk94lNCeH8nS3OINAcxYSmzx13Jz0hc05MKfEaR6HyeQmrtyQqRa8Gar0FaJJ0K3VLZieOeTbIFlpalycCOdoYglI9zX0XckU4UJDubqZP>*.
(Much more to come.)