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Re: 10 judges are nuts.

On 02/23/2017 01:04 PM, Mirimir wrote:
On 02/23/2017 08:38 AM, Razer wrote:

On 02/23/2017 05:37 AM, jim bell wrote:
Court rules assault weapons are not protected under
Constitutionhttp://dailym.ai/2mmUuqG  via
They aren't. You know why? When the Second Amendment was written, at 50
yards or so, you could literally outrun a musketball. If it didn't
bounce off your coat. Besides, "Your puny AK-47 is useless. So, we need
to have at least some of our volunteer resistance show up with Stinger
missiles, some anti-aircraft batteries, maybe a submarine or two?" I
hear Soros has a fleet of A-10 Warthogs he might call into service too
if you talk to him purty.
For a credible revolution, you need real weapons and supplies, and
people who know how to use them. So you need substantial involvement of
trained military and veterans. With small arms and insiders, you get the
real weapons and supplies.

That seems pretty unlikely in the US. And it it did go down, the result
would arguably be some mix of military dictatorship and feudalism.


ROTF! To be a revolution you need an IDEOLOGY.

Greed is NOT an Ideology.

Greed is a way of life in 'Merica. The ONLY accepted way.

Social atomization has created the circumstance that 'Merican families and communities are not even understood as such by a large majority of the planet's inhabitants...

ROTF! 'Merica is Doooooooomed! Bwhahhhaaa!


"...Loneliness, estrangement, isolation describe the vast distance between man and man today.

These dominant tendencies cannot be overcome by better personnel management, nor by improved gadgets, but only when a love of man overcomes the idolatrous worship of things by man....

...We regard men as infinitely precious and possessed of unfulfilled capacities for reason, freedom, and love.

In affirming these principles we are aware of countering perhaps the dominant conceptions of man in the twentieth century: that he is a thing to be manipulated, and that he is inherently incapable of directing his own affairs.

We oppose the depersonalization that reduces human beings to the status of things -- if anything, the brutalities of the twentieth century teach that means and ends are intimately related, that vague appeals to "posterity" cannot justify the mutilations of the present.

We oppose, too, the doctrine of human incompetence because it rests essentially on the modern fact that men have been "competently" manipulated into incompetence -- we see little reason why men cannot meet with increasing skill the complexities and responsibilities of their situation, if society is organized not for minority, but for majority, participation in decision-making.

Men have unrealized potential for self-cultivation, self-direction, self-understanding, and creativity. It is this potential that we regard as crucial and to which we appeal, not to the human potentiality for violence, unreason, and submission to authority.

The goal of man and society should be human independence: a concern not with image of popularity but with finding a meaning in life that is personally authentic: a quality of mind not compulsively driven by a sense of powerlessness, nor one which unthinkingly adopts status values, nor one which represses all threats to its habits, but one which has full, spontaneous access to present and past experiences, one which easily unites the fragmented parts of personal history, one which openly faces problems which are troubling and unresolved: one with an intuitive awareness of possibilities, an active sense of curiosity, an ability and willingness to learn.

This kind of independence does not mean egoistic individualism -- the object is not to have one's way so much as it is to have a way that is one's own." ~Port Huron Statement, Students for a Democratic Society.