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Russia, where diplomats are mega-trolls and the men protect their women! [RUS]

Subject: Russia, where diplomats are mega-trolls and the men protect
their women! [RUS]

Ahh Russia, what's not to love?  Lollipop buildings, pristine wilderness
and take-no-prisoners diplomats :)

Yes, sure improvement's are needed, as everywhere, but if you wanted to
be a spy, diplomat, or find an AK-47 totin wife, Russia's the bomb!

** Lavrov Deep-Fries Merkel: US Tapped Your Phone, But You're Whining
About ‘Russian Hacking’?
by Matthew Allen on Wed, Feb 22, 2017
It's not even up for debate — Sergei Lavrov is in a league of his own.
Russia's Foreign Minister mutilates NATO press releases  in his sleep
and eats Washington soundbites for breakfast — no salt.As you are well
aware, Sergei dropped a payload of painful truth on Mike Pence's smug,
smarmy face during the Munich Security Conference on Saturday. But that
was just a warm-up. Pence is a small fish in a big ocean of idiots.On
the sidelines of the Munich conference, Lavrov participating in a
meeting with top diplomats from the Normandy Four (Russia, Germany,
France and Ukraine).

** Europe Take Note: ‘Refugees’ Molest Russian Women, Get Throttled by
Russian Men and Thrown in Prison
by Paul Kaiser on Thu, Feb 23, 2017
Watching the chaos in France, Germany, the U.K. and Sweden unfold, we're
honestly amazed that common sense hasn't triumphed yet over obtuse
political correctness.Bullied into submission by their incompetent
leaders, Scandinavians and Western Europeans watch silently as waves of
"refugees" with no intentions of cultural assimilation hold an entire
continent hostage.This would never be acceptable in Russia.It's been a
year since we first reported this jewel of Russian justice, but it's
worth rehashing for educational purposes:

Meanwhile, in Sweden:

** Sweden Is Sliding Into Chaos — and the Media Is Applauding
by Vincent DeLarge on Thu, Feb 23, 2017
Three days after Trump brought up Sweden, massive riots started in the
suburbs of Stockholm. This time it was in the neighborhood of Rinkeby.
And just like that, Donald Trump was vindicated.
As a result half of the Swedish population gets their news primarily
from alternative media
Instead of changing their ways, the establishment has doubled down and
back in October 2015 the political commissars in the Swedish police
created a special protocol for dealing with refugee crime. Known as Code
291, the protocol entails covering up all ongoing criminal
investigations related to “the migrant situation”.

This article contains a lot more politically incorrect facts, names and
percentages which I dare not post here. Swedes should read it - they
need the information to survive (likely too late).

Sadly, there's a lot of white pixels in Sweden these days. Total denial.

whilst over in Ukraine where rape, torture and madness prevails:

** Neo-Nazi Leader Vows to Dissolve Rada and Dethrone Poroshenko. Great.
Shut up and Do It Already
by Rudy Panko on Thu, Feb 23, 2017
Andriy Biletsky is a third-rate Nazi.Of course, he is a member of the
Rada (Ukrainian Parliament), and he does have his own punitive
battalion. But in general, he doesn't do much aside from issue
strongly-worded Facebook updates about the dangers of interracial
marriage. Meanwhile, his armed Azov goons continue to burn, rape and
pillage. Who is doing the heavy lifting in this relationship?But
Biletsky is finally read to make his move, apparently. In an ultimatum
issued in the Rada yesterday, Azov's leader warned that his
ultranationalist followers are days away from full-blown insurrection: