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[RUS] afterthought of Putin, FSB "stopped the work of 53 foreign intelligence officers and 386 agents" in Russia, last year alone

Imagine the field the day the Western MSM would have had if this were
Clapper, Flynn, McMaster or some USA "intelligence" head saying the same
thing. Gives a sense of the stoic strength and Russia/Russians face
their own realities with...

Respect to Russia.

Vladimir Putin and FSB make an offer to Donald Trump

(Trump remains ever committed to trying to "make a deal" with Russia:
White House: Trump wants to make a deal with Russia on ISIS and economy

And speaking of the threats again Russia, and 4 diplomats murdered (I'm
assuming) in 3 months, most recently one the world's all time greatest
diplomats, Vitaly Churkin to the UN, Russia should (perhaps, if it's in
their interests), not immediately replace this diplomat except on an
as-needs (for Russia) basis.

The "diplomatic needs" of other countries could be met on Russian soil
for a while. Might not be practical, just a thought from a friend.