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Covert Totalitarianism

Martin Armstrong was unjustly jailed for 7 years.
Michael Hastings was assassinated.
Roland Carnaby was assassinated.
Edmond Safra was assassinated. Despite being guarded by ex-Israeli special forces.

If anyone tells you the government is incompetent, that's only because they only use incompetent people to deal with the average citizen.

If you wonder why they are so many thinkpieces normalizing the deep state...

well, the deep state needs to exceed the threshold of being noticeable

these things are obvious and self evident

the government is not impotent, Ken White likes to give a good talk about how they can find all sorts of ways to screw a person over, even convict him on trumped up charges.
the government can only be impotent if you're blackmailing the government itself

it's at this point that I tell you because your spouse is so unfaithful, you have every drug resistant venereal disease known to man, plus one.