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Re: Domestic Spying: CIA guidelines out-of-compliance for 2 years after Congress passed Section 309

On Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 10:41:42AM -0800, Razer wrote:
> Executive Order 12333 sets the basic mission statement of the intelligence
> community, which includes following the law and respecting rights.  It
> requires the elements to collect reliable intelligence that provides the
> President and national leadership “with the necessary information on which
> to base decisions concerning the development and conduct of foreign,
> defense, and economic policies, and the protection of United States national
> interests from foreign security threats.” Executive Order 12333 further
> directs the intelligence community to collect that intelligence using “[a]ll
> means, consistent with applicable Federal law and this order, and with full
> consideration of the rights of United States persons,” and reminds the
> community of its “solemn obligation . . . to protect fully the legal rights
> of all United States persons, including freedoms, civil liberties, and
> privacy rights guaranteed by Federal law.”

What about us Aussies? MOFOS!!!