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Re: "We Won't Block Pirate Bay" Swedish Telecom Co

On 02/22/2017 10:37 AM, grarpamp wrote:
On Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 12:01 PM, Razer <g2s AT riseup.net> wrote:
All the filesharers in the world should be devoting
equal resources to developing filesharing in the darknets.
Fighting on clearnet is always worthwhile.
Backing those fights with the darknet trump card
that is far harder to take down (both legally and
technically) might serve to raise their opponents
cost and friction thus forcing them to just give up,
thereby freeing clearnet in the process.

Whether it's on darknets or in the streets,
those two locations may end up being the last stand
for many changes people want to see in the world.
Both places to demonstrate and live your own pirate utopias.
The former used to coordinate activities in the latter,
the needs of the latter driving capabilities in the former.

I absolutely agree and want to say It's good to promote the "aboveground" alliances... The fact that telecom companies are telling the courts to fork off should be publicly applauded (even IF they might be disingenuous or not-to-be-entirely-trusted).