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Re: Is email really that hard?

On Wed, Feb 22, 2017, at 3:29 PM, Razer <g2s AT riseup.net> wrote:
> He wants moderation? He should start his own list.

He is a member of this list, exactly like you, Eugen, hundreds of
different persons, and me.  He can say what annoys him here.  It
doesn't mean someone will answer to him or make something about his
complaints.  He has the right of expressing his preferences, as you
already did hundreds of times in the last years.  The problem is, as
he involuntarily confessed to the whole list yesterday, he doesn't
like the bullying.

> you send HUGE BOILERPLATES of songs and
> cutesy platitudes in response, and I'M 'the problem'?

I *never* said you are a problem.  Please, do *not* misunderstand my
words or try to corrupt them.  Already said it before, but I will
repeat,  if you don't like my messages, it's OK, use a filter and
forget I still exist.  I don't care whether you prefer to imagine I am
dead or hate me.  My life is mine, and I will live it the same, with
or without you.