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Re: Trump Says, 'Look What's Happening In Sweden.' Sweden Asks, 'Wait, What?'

On 02/21/2017 11:34 PM, James A. Donald wrote:
> On 2/22/2017 1:53 PM, Marina Brown wrote:
>> Most lynchings were just like the murder of Emmett Till. The man was
>> wrongfully accused of hitting on a white woman and murdered for it
> Emmet did hit on her - just not in the crude and offensive way he was
> wrongfully accused of doing.

No he did not. The woman fabricated it.


> But murders are not lynchings. You are apt to be murdered today
> regardless of race for hitting on another man's woman even if you do not
> do so in a crude and offensive way.  Emmett Till was killed furtively
> and secretively, not lynched. Happens today all the time, regardless of
> race.
> For it to be a lynching, has to be done openly with social approval. The
> accusation is that it was socially acceptable for white people to openly
> kill blacks for frivolous cause.
> Name a black man who was wrongfully lynched - killed openly and publicly
> for with social approval for frivolous cause.

How about the Tulsa massacre ? I am sure you have some excuse for that.

>> The movie "The birth of a nation" showed how white people liked to
>> murder black people and use the excuse of rape. All too real.
> Liar.
> "The birth of a nation" depicts black men who actually did rape women
> being rightfully and justly hung for their crimes.
> In every actual real life lynching, where the offender was executed
> publicly and openly with social approval, there was reasonable evidence
> of serious criminal offenses.

Nonsense. A lot of times they were killed for standing up to whites.
Sometimes union organizers were murdered for standing up to bosses.

> And if there was a single case where the evidence was thin or the
> offense trivial, you would be using that case, not Emmett Till.

You REALLY are a hard core racist.

The time of white supremacy is past. This is just a tiny bubble.

Anyway i have wasted enough time with you. You are the worst type of
trash. I know i can never reason with you.


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