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Re: NSA Contractors Join Privacy Shield

On Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 07:33:40AM -0800, Razer wrote:
> On 02/21/2017 05:33 AM, Rachael Tackett wrote:
> >The Privacy Shield framework is supposed to protect companies that
> >transfer personal data from the EU to the US. The US promised the EU that
> >it would provide data protection and put some limits on the US' mass
> >surveillance. Some members of the EU parliament are calling for Privacy
> >Shield to be suspended or at least re-negotiated. The US Department of
> >Commerce allowed known NSA contractors to join the Privacy Shield program.
> >Full story http://piratetimes.net/nsa-contractors-join-privacy-shield/
> Privacy Shield, if I remember correctly, is the NSA's industrial spying
> collaboration group. In return for not spying on the company's business the
> company is expected to GIVE the NSA their 'metadataz' in return for favors
> granted by FiveEyes.
> If that sounds like to Fascism to you, you're right.
> Funny thing is the alt-right wants Fascism in the US when the fact of the
> matter is the US has been a Fascist state for a long time, and the confusion
> of the alt-right about why that fascist state doesn't favor them is...
> priceless. As I said elsewhere the alt-right is more aptly referred to as
> 'alt-morons'. A... little... slow.

Another justification for murdering them I suppose Razer?

 Razer: "He's just a -little- bit dead your honour!"

 Judge: "How so?"

 Razer: "He's a little slow, you know, missing a few..."