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Re: Trump Says, 'Look What's Happening In Sweden.' Sweden Asks, 'Wait, What?'

On 02/21/2017 06:21 PM, James A. Donald wrote:
> For a good summary of the relevant evidence on Trump and Sweden:
> https://pjmedia.com/homeland-security/2017/02/21/trump-is-completely-right-about-the-crisis-in-sweden/
> But you guys will just stick your heads in the sand and say that anyone
> who is in the slightest contact with reality is obviously a nazi and
> should be physically attacked, so you should not listen to anything he
> says.

I never called you a nazi. You obviously are a white nationalist. Me - i
really don't give a rats ass about all your concern about the white

You seem to think you are in a group of white people arguing about
whether your racism is warrented.

Some of us are are not white and some of us are serious enemies of white

You are not going to convince anyone of your crap.

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