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Re: Trump Says, 'Look What's Happening In Sweden.' Sweden Asks, 'Wait, What?'

On Mon, Feb 20, 2017, at 5:33 PM, jim bell <jdb10987 AT yahoo.com> wrote:

From: Cecilia Tanaka <cecilia.tanaka AT gmail.com>

>Jim, I respect you, but I don't agree with 80% of your opinions, sorry.  Maybe Sweden government, the whole 'Internets', all the media and I have misunderstood your >President, but I sincerely believe he should study more and watch less TV.  It would be much better for him and the rest of the world.  

I hope you are using that "your President" term in the most generic sense, as in 'Jim Bell is American, so Trump is his president".   

​Yes, I said "your President" because the President of your country is Trump.  In my case, for example, I did't want it, but unfortunately Temer is "my President" because is the Brazil's actual President, so their bad and good decisions will be effective in my life and the whole country.  When I say "my President is f*cking my country", it doesn't mean he is mine or that I am giving support to his acts.  Sorry, I should be clearer.

Someone asked me why I said I respect you.  I didn't said it in the sense of "Oh, Jim is a human being and I need to respect all lives".  I was talking about your past, Jim.  You fighted and protested for your beliefs and it is a thing I respect a lot.  Nowadays, your convictions are very different from mine in several aspects, but when you complain about a subject, I know you really believe you are right.  You usually have coherence.  I detest when someone is hypocrite and more false than fake news or just want to hurt and annoy people.

Zzzz, for example, oscillates more than all my bipolar friends together, and just wants to grant benefits at any cost because has no ethics and moral.  Few months ago, he was whining all the days about how the USA were the most disgusting and evil country in the whole world, all citizens included, obviously.  Now, he licks Trump orange balls in public all the days, always saying how amazing are the USA and their politicians.  Few months ago, he was always saying Razer was the "guardian of this list", a "great soul", a "huge heart", a "loyal and superior human being", "the bastion of truth", and giving him a lot of strange titles all the days.  I swear I was always thinking "Oh, the jerk had any success with me, so is trying to flirt and have sex with Razer.  Needy weirdo, hahaha!!".  Now he offends Razer all the weeks.  Maybe he is feeling rejected.  "No sex with Ceci, no sex with Razer, Putin never answered to my love letters...  Let's try Trump!  He loves bizarre sex and I can show him how kangoroos make wild sex!"

Now he likes to offend Mirimir too, but few months ago, this hypocrite was always sending off-list messages to Mirimir and copying me.  I never understood why the heck he was copying me in his private conversations.  I think he was trying to make me feel "jealous"  - hahaha!! - because he was openly flirting with Mirimir in his messages, almost licking the guy after discovering his nick had Russian origins.  It was pretty embarrasing all the times.  :P

Well, after several months of contradictions, there are lots of reasons to think his opinions don't have any credibility or value.  My theory about his mental absence of sanity is he is probably mixing alcohol  (Please, don't drive drunk, selfish creature!  You are not important to anyone, but drunk drivers like you can kill good people!), his bizarre foods  (he sent me some creepy recipes, trying to impress me and wrote millions of times that I should try his salad sauce, even after being ignored, with no answers of mine in private, for several weeks, ugh!  Can you understand why I am always saying he is slow?),  and also very strong drugs, because now he thinks the USA are more magical than pink unicorns dancing on the rainbows...  :P

Another person here that I can't understand is Donald.  He is zillions of times more intelligent than Zzzz, but is cruel and likes to hurt and humiliate people.  He can say something he knows it is *not* true only to hurt, provoke and offend people, to have fun, a perverse kind of pleasure.  :(

I can't say you are like them, Jim.  In all my time on CP list, you were always coherent.  I don't agree with 80% (or even more) of your opinions, but you are defending your beliefs, not just disturbing the list for spreading hate and intolerance.  You, Ju@n and Razer are heard-headed guys, but I respect you all.  And when Ju@n and Razer are not kicking me, they are pretty fun and interesting.  I don't agree with them in a lot of subjects too, but both sincerely like to teach people.  In some moments, J wanted to kill me, but even when he was very very angry with me, he always answered to my doubts about all kind of things  (bad words, grammar, Argentine's food, interesting bibliography, good sci-fi movies, religion, etc).  Ju@n and Razer have a good heart, even wanting my death in some moments, hihi...  ;)

I don't think you are a bad person, Jim, but I can't agree with your point of view and I can't respect Trump because he doesn't respect people and their intelligence.  It's pretty offensive and illogical to say that "something is this way simply because I am saying it is this way and the people who don't agree with me are spreading fake news and lying".  Sorry, the world, the life doesn't work this way.  :(

Take care, dear all.  Sorry, I won't answer to all the theories about Sweden, rapes, news media conspirations, etc.  Everybody here already knows my opinions and I just want a bit of peace now.  We need more crypto, privacy and infosec posts, more interesting subjects here than only Trump's mess.  This kind of information is very useful, we need to know what's happening in the world and how politics work, but we already know the problems and now we need to focus in how we will survive to them.  Kisses, be well.  <3

PS:  - I need to write a lot of private answers, but they are more delicate and deserve much more time and attention.  And in some moments, I don't feel strong enough to respond, sorry.  I never told to John N. why I am always reading books written by neuroscientists because I always cry when I try to answer him with more details, giving more background.  My best friend was studying neuroscience, psychiatry and psychology a lot when suicided and I used to study with him to give some support.  We always studied together since we meet each other because he was a genius, but very shy and insecure.  More than 15 years studying and listening to music together.  Some of my favorite authors are neuroscientists and I loved deeply Oliver Sacks, already deceased.  He and my boyfriend, two of the most intelligent and interesting persons I had the chance to exchange some ideas about life and death, both said me that stupid thing about being a lone wolf that I mentioned once here.  It was the most cruel curse that I received in my whole life and I tried to kill myself when I noticed they were right.  I didn't died, obviously.  The Hell doesn't have Internet.  ;)