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Re: Trump Says, 'Look What's Happening In Sweden.' Sweden Asks, 'Wait, What?'

On 02/20/2017 07:30 PM, James A. Donald wrote:
> On 2/21/2017 9:46 AM, Razer wrote:
>> Show me an MSM headline, with link to the article, or any copy from an
>> MSM article and link, that claims Trump was specifically referring to
>> terrorism. They knew very well he was discussing a non-existent crime
>> wave
> You are changing your own story.  A short while ago you were totally
> certain Trump had said terrorism.
> The massive wave of Muslim crime, and especially rape, in Sweden, is
> glaringly and embarrassingly obvious, another area where Trump speaks
> the truth, and mainstream media reports fake news.
> If a Muslim is not murdering infidels, and raping children, he is a bad
> Muslim.  No doubt seventy percent of Muslims are very nice people, but
> Islam is inherently at war with Dar al Harb, always have been, and
> always will be.  Christians spread their religion by getting non
> Christians to celebrate Christmas and then wishing them "Happy
> Christmas".  Muslims spread their religion by cutting off people's heads
> and enslaving enemy women.
> Over the last thirteen hundred years, many peoples, nations, kingdoms,
> religions, and such, have tried to find a way to coexist with Islam.
> None have succeeded.  We will not be the first.  We will convert, or we
> will die, or we will kill.

Um dude, the crusades are over. Go to a renfaire for your cosplay and
take it somewhere else.

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