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Re: Trump Says, 'Look What's Happening In Sweden.' Sweden Asks, 'Wait, What?'

From: Razer <g2s AT riseup.net>

On 02/20/2017 12:45 PM, [somebody] wrote:

>Trump did not say that there was a terrorist incident in Sweden.  The
press made that up.

>No they didn't. They reported he implied... Bloggers claimed he was discussing a terorist incident:

That's misleading.  Trump referred to SOMETHING.  The biased lying MSM chose a specific classification, "terrorism", as if Trump had specifically said it.
Trump was speaking extemporaneously, which of course he has a lot of experience doing.  But nevertheless, he was vague about what had happened.  But the MSM decided to focus on the "terrorism" angle, precisely because they knew it was false:  They knew there had been no obvious 'terrorism' incident, which made it useful to misrepresent Trump's intent.  

>The Guardian for example: "Donald Trump appears to invent..."

Blaming how the media gets it wrong won't help you, Razer.  

>The New York Times: " President Trump escalated his attack on Sweden's migration policies on Monday, doubling down on his suggestion — based on a Fox News report — that refugees in the Scandinavian country were behind a surge in crime and terrorism."

At least that references sounds relatively accurate:  There IS a "surge in crime" for which Muslim immigrants are obviously responsible.

Which WAS the subject he was discussing when he brought up that (also non-existent) "Crime Wave" by immigrants to Sweden

This cite is, of course, merely a single incident.

  But you need to define what YOU refer to when you mean "crime wave".  
         Jim Bell