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[WAR] USA senator John McCain blasts Russia to Ukraine president

Speaking of Michael Flynn's resignation for supposedly talking with a
Russian diplomat and possibly mentioning sanctions, perhaps John McCain
should take a dose of resignation medicine?

Or is what's good for the Vovan, not also good for the Lexus?

McCain phoned by Russian pranksters pretending to be Ukrainian PM
During the course of the phone call, McCain expressed open contempt for
Donald Trump and admitted that because of Trump questions of removing
Russian sanctions, Ukrainian membership of NATO and the EU and aid for
Kiev’s war of aggression have transformed from Washington gospel into a
big question mark.

McCain’s repeated acknowledgment of ‘Putin’s aggression’ went far beyond
agreeing with what the pranksters said. He was all too happy to
encourage the fake Prime Minister in stating that Putin and Russia
threaten the Baltics and Syria.

Needless to say, Russia’s participation in Syria’s war on terrorism was
done at the legal request of the Syrian government, while Russia’s
involvement in the three Baltic republics is zero.

A subtle change to U.S. bullshittery:

And for those who made it this far, an ... uplifting treat:
Direct link to vid:

Enjoy :)