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Re: What kind of security matters

Marina Brown:

> Nonsense. Trump did not get the right info - he did not know how well
> defended the site was.

Actually the reason so many women were killed was because the defenders
weren't al-Qaeda, it was a village protection group which includes lots
of females because most of the military age males are 'out of town'
having picked sides and deployed, or more likely dead. I think the age
of the average male in Africa is down around 16 years old because of
that continent's ongoing battle, in so many ways, to keep the West at
bay, but I haven't checked recently. Pretty sure the situation's the
same in the middle east too.. Old men, and kids... The rest are dead or
fighting in the field.

"You might want to ask an expert about that - I just fiddlefucked around
with mine until it worked..."

> On 02/16/2017 07:47 PM, James A. Donald wrote:
>> I remarked earlier that several security proposals would not in practice
>> be useful because Hillary's main security concern was not the Russians
>> stealing her emails, not Wikileaks stealing her emails, not the Chans
>> stealing her emails, but Obama stealing her emails.
> Are you daft ? Obama had more important things than to go through
> Hillary's emails. He already knew all about her and her failure as
> Secretary of state.
>> Similarly, it is clear that if Trump had a chat with Assad of Syria
>> clearing a bombing run Isis in Syria, his target list would appear in
>> the New York Times, as he bitterly complained in his latest press
>> conference.
> Again - are you Daft ? Assad is in a bitter fight with Isis - he would
> not leak that info. ...Not that i support that horrid dictator. I did
> work on the Streisand effect for Assad's regime.
>> Indeed this appears to be what has already happened with the Trump's
>> raid on Al Qaeda in Yemen - the information wound up in the hands of Al
>> Qaeda, probably by the State Department electronically intercepting
>> Trump and Pentagon communications and then leaking the information to
>> their pet "Moderate Islamic Opposition" aka Al Qaeda and Islamic State,
>> and as a result several American commandos were killed or wounded.  They
>> got killed as a result of conflict between the red empire of the bases
>> and the blue empire of the consulates.
>> It very much looks as if Chief Petty Officer William "Ryan" Owens was
>> killed as a result of people in the US government leaking information to
>> the enemies of Americans.  Trump in his recent news conference reports
>> his phone calls are being listened into by his enemies and then made
>> public, so the leak mechanism in the Yemen case was likely similar.
> Nonsense. Trump did not get the right info - he did not know how well
> defended the site was. It was not a leak that made the attack fail it
> was overly hasty action. Even Obama (the bomber) did not want to do that
> action - he knew it as ill advised but the Chump was all go to do it not
> knowing what was there on the ground - and it got a lot of people
> including and American soldier killed.
>> This is far from being the first deadly conflict between the red and
>> blue empires, though the internal conflict within the US government
>> looks to be escalating massively under Trump.
>> In general, your biggest spying threat is from people mighty close to you.
>> I am not worried about the CIA spying on me. I am worried about them
>> spying on Trump.
>> To solve this problem, we need end to end encryption with the keys on
>> your own device.  And we need everyone using by default and standard, so
>> that Hillary's not very bright people and Trumps menials use it when
>> communicating with Hillary and Trump.  Which means all proposals that
>> require managing their own keys are not going to work.
> Hillary's people manage to use Signal. I bet even Trumps crowd could
> manage that. As always it is laziness that is the enemy of good crypto use.
>> For Hillary's people to use it, it needs to be so standard that even
>> people arranging assignations on Facebook use it without being aware of
>> it.  That is why proprietary usb dongles will not work.
>> It is unlikely that Trump would manage his own public keys - and he
>> cannot trust the white house staff and government security people to
>> manage them for him.  It is even more unlikely that Podesta would manage
>> his own public keys.  So we need a security mechanism for the masses, a
>> security mechanism that even the Chairman of the Board can use, a
>> security mechanism suitable for everyone in the world, a security
>> mechanism that requires zero clicks.
> Well i think the Hillary team managed it. ....AFTER.... all their stuff
> was hacked. Little too late. I just wonder if the stuff that made it to
> Wikileaks was unedited. The stuff i looked at was so insipid.