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Re: What kind of security matters

On 02/16/2017 07:47 PM, James A. Donald wrote:
> I remarked earlier that several security proposals would not in practice
> be useful because Hillary's main security concern was not the Russians
> stealing her emails, not Wikileaks stealing her emails, not the Chans
> stealing her emails, but Obama stealing her emails.

Are you daft ? Obama had more important things than to go through
Hillary's emails. He already knew all about her and her failure as
Secretary of state.

> Similarly, it is clear that if Trump had a chat with Assad of Syria
> clearing a bombing run Isis in Syria, his target list would appear in
> the New York Times, as he bitterly complained in his latest press
> conference.

Again - are you Daft ? Assad is in a bitter fight with Isis - he would
not leak that info. ...Not that i support that horrid dictator. I did
work on the Streisand effect for Assad's regime.

> Indeed this appears to be what has already happened with the Trump's
> raid on Al Qaeda in Yemen - the information wound up in the hands of Al
> Qaeda, probably by the State Department electronically intercepting
> Trump and Pentagon communications and then leaking the information to
> their pet "Moderate Islamic Opposition" aka Al Qaeda and Islamic State,
> and as a result several American commandos were killed or wounded.  They
> got killed as a result of conflict between the red empire of the bases
> and the blue empire of the consulates.
> It very much looks as if Chief Petty Officer William "Ryan" Owens was
> killed as a result of people in the US government leaking information to
> the enemies of Americans.  Trump in his recent news conference reports
> his phone calls are being listened into by his enemies and then made
> public, so the leak mechanism in the Yemen case was likely similar.

Nonsense. Trump did not get the right info - he did not know how well
defended the site was. It was not a leak that made the attack fail it
was overly hasty action. Even Obama (the bomber) did not want to do that
action - he knew it as ill advised but the Chump was all go to do it not
knowing what was there on the ground - and it got a lot of people
including and American soldier killed.

> This is far from being the first deadly conflict between the red and
> blue empires, though the internal conflict within the US government
> looks to be escalating massively under Trump.
> In general, your biggest spying threat is from people mighty close to you.
> I am not worried about the CIA spying on me. I am worried about them
> spying on Trump.
> To solve this problem, we need end to end encryption with the keys on
> your own device.  And we need everyone using by default and standard, so
> that Hillary's not very bright people and Trumps menials use it when
> communicating with Hillary and Trump.  Which means all proposals that
> require managing their own keys are not going to work.

Hillary's people manage to use Signal. I bet even Trumps crowd could
manage that. As always it is laziness that is the enemy of good crypto use.

> For Hillary's people to use it, it needs to be so standard that even
> people arranging assignations on Facebook use it without being aware of
> it.  That is why proprietary usb dongles will not work.
> It is unlikely that Trump would manage his own public keys - and he
> cannot trust the white house staff and government security people to
> manage them for him.  It is even more unlikely that Podesta would manage
> his own public keys.  So we need a security mechanism for the masses, a
> security mechanism that even the Chairman of the Board can use, a
> security mechanism suitable for everyone in the world, a security
> mechanism that requires zero clicks.

Well i think the Hillary team managed it. ....AFTER.... all their stuff
was hacked. Little too late. I just wonder if the stuff that made it to
Wikileaks was unedited. The stuff i looked at was so insipid.


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