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Fully Distributed Torrenting [was: Pirate Bay Blocked]

On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 10:01 PM, Razer <g2s AT riseup.net> wrote:
> piratebay.red mirror isn't in Sweden

Don't know if that one, or any of dozens the "the pirate bay" domains,
other than .org / .se / .onion are operated by "the pirate bay". Maybe
yes, maybe no. If no, maybe they a true mirror via api, or a scrape, or an
import of some scrape / dump appended with subsequent submissions...
but still not technically "the pirate bay".
And a number of them have interface and or dataset differences, or
are broken.
Though the hydra meme and model of random popups is certainly
fine for those that like playing whack a mole, it's really legacy.

Torrenting data itself, once you have the infohash and queried DHT / PEX
for peers, and joined into swarm, is reasonably distributed among
contributing peers. (Availability there is human, not algorithmic decision,
which other networks try to solve.)

But what tools are there to publish the torrent name and infohash into a
fully distributed index, and to search the names and retrieve infohash from it?
And to learn and maintain an in flux list of random active nodes you need
to contact to bootstrap your client's DHT?

That's not TPB central server index and search model.
And decentral bootstrap isn't in clients like vuze or transmission.

It's more like a blockchain (or just a log) index, over darknet.