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[WAR] [RUS] Trump administration/ Mattis, misunderstand "strength"

What we, all of us need is a world leadership which knows strength,
just not the current "historically normal" concepts of nation

 - We must move from military strength to moral strength, from
   "economic standing at all costs" to dignity for those we interact
   with, for without granting this dignity to others, how can we EVER
   hope to live in dignity ourselves?

 - We must shift from economic bullying to the long plan which
   includes not only "the other side", but how that other side will
   be strengthened and enriched in the future, not just ourselves -
   debt based credit expansion (vs credit based credit expansion)
   fiat system, is mathematically DESIGNED to cause cyclical
   disasters or "financial / system resets", and thereby motivate or
   justify war and all manner of other evils.

   This must stop.

 - We desperately need a new think of abundance, moving away from the
   war inducing "zero sum, limited resources" conversations which
   rule the banking world and the mindset of most power brokers
   today, besides causing a very aggressive approach to nature and
   her abundant resources.

 - The moral high ground has been desecrated by the USA especially,
   and many other nations - Russia herself knows all too well the
   depths to which we humans go in murdering our brothers in the name
   of the ideology of the day.

No one is perfect.  To expect those leaders who genuinely apply
themselves to their tasks to the best of their ability, to somehow do
even more, that nothing is ever enough, that "there's no point", is
nothing but the defeatest ideology of the enslaved.

We look t our 'leaders' to fix things up, we look to our nations to
protect us, when we should avail ourselves of those things, the tools
of communication, of training ourselves and our family in the arts of
life and survival which interest us.

We have the capacity for communication, but how often do we truly
make efforts to connect our brain, heart and will, in the direction
of actual communication?

What does it take to communicate in a way which could uplift this
world (that means other people in this world, our fellow humans)?

How might we uplift or assist or steer those who are doing what they
can - Trump in America, Hanson in Australia, Putin in Russia and
others around the world?

We from the peanut gallery find it SO DAMNED EASY to throw mud on
those who try - some laugh at Farage and Hanson for their "lack of
applomb" or "insufficient education", at Trump for his "enthusiastic
tweeting" or Putin for his ... well I can't think of anything to
personally attack Putin for, his insufficient ability to influence
foreign nations perhaps?

Folks, we have the fellow humans that we damn well have!

What can I do to support those "leaders" in my neck of the woods
who are trying to do what they can to improve our lot generally?

This takes work - putting personal attention and contemplation into
understanding the way things are now, envisioning the way things
'should be according to me', and communicating with others to share,
inspire and otherwise assist in those shifts our world needs to see.

In the USA, Trump is under attack right now - with Pizzagate dominoes
speeding up, with the entire modern NeoCon empire not going the way
the ultra-oligarchs wanted it to go, we see the first scalp taken
down by Obama and his current "shadow Democratic party 'Whitehouse'",
Michael Flynn, who recently resigned on nothing but a flimsy pretext.
Did he fall for some personal compromise?  Did he take a fall for
team Trump, to parry the fire aimed at Trump?  Hopefully one day we
will find out the truth.

(See eg here:

Putin/ the Russians have (thankfully) lobbed a whole bunch of soft balls to Trump
since his inauguration particularly. I am proud to the point of tears
- the Russian diplomatic game is so far ahead of every other nation
I'm embarrassed for us Aussies, the USAians and many others.
(Here's a great example of Putin giving all the space needed to
 Trump, to help Trump handle what he's going through right now:
See also:

Yes, nation states are a long way from Utopia, but as some anonymous
bastards have said here and there, we have the world we have right
now, not the one we want, so we begin here, now.

OK. FFS. Whether you like Breitbart or not, the current (since the 8
Nov 2016 USA elections frankly), have been close to the finest
opportunity in modern history to TAKE DOWN TWITTER AND FACEBOOK,
those evil tools of the joo establishment! If you can't see that,
grab your nearest petri dish and grow a second neurone already!

We live in so much technological abundance that far too often we fail
to see the mountains of opportunity, in ANY AND EVERY area of
personal interest or expertise that might float YOUR particular boat!

This is a most incredible time in history.


What can we move for, communicate for, aim for?

 - Trumps most "challenging big ticket campain promises" could be the
   perfect opportunity to get some direct democracy happening - a
   step on the way to "every law is vetoed if not approved at
   referendum by the people" (needing say only 10K digital signatures
   to add 'this law' to the next 'veto' referendum).

 - Given the record of JFK and his Federal Reserve reclaim attempt,
   Lincoln and his greenbacks attempt, Qaddafi and his Arabic-wide
   dinar attempt, and many more, referendum of and by the people
   might be THE ONLY WAY for any "leader" to fundamentally SHIFT the
   Western Jew-controlled fiat "financial system" into something more
   humane, something which no longer relentlessly funnels endless
   wealth into the hands of a few "elite predators hooked on pizza".

 - Given Trump's current relentless trolling of CNN and lame stream
   media fake news, WHERE is the P2P network that is adequate to the
   task of OVERNIGHT SHIFT of 500 million people off of Twitter?

   Seriously, this is just one "tweet too many by Trump, violating
   Twitter's policy" away from happening, but it won't succeed if the
   tech falls over and we don't have an easy answer for folks "use X"!

If we start with the proposition "Trump is doing what he can to
create a better USA", then, in that context, what can we do to
encourage moves to dignity, morals, and sane rational and end game
abundant long thinking?