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Re: NY Post: It only took five seconds for assassins to kill Kim Jong Nam

On 02/16/2017 12:16 PM, jim bell wrote:

Jim Bell's guess: hydrogen cyanide.  (Hydrocyanic acid)

It only took five seconds for assassins to kill Kim Jong Nam

My guess? Vietnamese prostitutes, and the spray? Perfume.

He probably stiffed them after they gave him a 'stiff', so they offed him. But made themselves recognizable to him by their fragrance so he'd remember them and what he'd done while he was dying in pain from damage done by the chokehold. Just ask any pig. If done wrong (or in this case 'right') you've subdued the suspect (victim) rather permanently.

Or perhaps Mr Bell is too sexist to believe women could execute(sic) a chokehold?

Because he's never tangled with a female cop... Or taken a speck of martial arts.

Women are excellent bare-hands killers with the proper training, and Vietnamese prosties have a rough life.


Ps. The NY Post used to be a decent newspaper... The 'workingman's New York Times', and the NY Daily News was one step short of the National Enquirer. The roles have reversed over the years. Still getting used to it.

Pps. Know the symptoms of Cyanide poisoning. Pain IS NOT one of them but giddiness is: