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Re: The path of Islam is always the same.

> The path of Islam is always the same.

The nature of *religions* are often the same...
exclusive claims to righteous correctness,
thus failure to interop, subjugation of others, etc.


>> Interesting if true.

So what may be interesting is analyse why one now,
(say christians / agnostic / atheists / other... depending on invite country),
recently open invite borders to known exclusive history at
risk to selves. Same could be said if any other combination
of influxes happened from wherever to wherever.

Is there belief that mutual hippie love will happen among exclusives?

A sales pitch happening from one religion to another?

Some kind of destabilization scam providing
yet more accruals to powers at the top?

Some other... ?

What does the study of various influxes in history say, be they
migrations under pressure vs. voluntary mutual over time?